Marriage can be exciting yet stressful, with wedding rings being one of the most common causes of concern for more couples. It needs to be a style that you’ll enjoy having on your person for the rest of your life, but it shouldn’t cost enough for you to sustain financial troubles for the next few years. As long as you’re willing to explore your options, reputable pawn shops in Westminster can help your search while saving you bundles of cash that can be spent on other newlywed essentials like household items.

Why Pawn Shops Are the Better Choice

What difference does it make whether you go to a jewelry retail store or a pawn shop for your wedding ring? It actually makes all the difference. Pawn shops in Westminster offer lower prices and a better selection in comparison. At this point, you may be questioning the quality of the product. But rest assured that top-rated pawn shops only sell items of high quality so you feel comfortable with all of your purchases every time you visit.

Ability to Negotiate

When you walk into a jewelry retail store, the ticket price that you see is non-negotiable. Any number that is displayed is what you have to pay and that’s the end of that. Retailers aren’t interested in negotiating like pawnbrokers are, leaving you to pay a premium. Prices for wedding rings at pawn shops are already naturally lower by up to 50% of what you see at jewelry stores, but since the precious metal and gemstone market is constantly fluctuating, a respectable pawnbroker will encourage negotiations so you can get a fair price.

Diverse Variety of Rings

While it’s normal for retail jewelry stores to hang onto the same inventory for weeks (and sometimes months) at a time, you’re pretty much stuck with a handful of options to choose from. If you’re not immediately happy with the selection of wedding rings, this can be a very disappointing experience. But if you’re willing to visit your local Westminster pawn shop, you can browse a new selection of items nearly every day! As long as you have the patience to keep an eye on the stock as it frequently rotates, you can come across a ring that immediately speaks to you on a personal level for a truly satisfying purchase.

Outstanding Quality

With a bit of research in finding a reputable pawn shop near you, you can discover pawnbrokers who hold high standards for quality. This means that while pawn shops will accept nearly everything of value, a pawnbroker with an eye for detail will only put the best pieces in the best condition out on display. And of course, you have every right to carefully inspect a wedding ring before committing to a purchase.

Tips For Wedding Ring Shopping

When shopping around for a wedding ring, how do you know what to look out for? If you’re not sure how to even begin your search, it’s simple! Just keep these useful tips in mind and you’ll have no problem finding the perfect ring:

  • Agree on a budget and stick to it It can be easy to get carried away and then regret your purchase after it’s too late to go back. A beautiful wedding ring doesn’t have to be debilitating to your finances, all you need to do is find a price range that you feel comfortable with and stick to it.
  • Pay in cash Some pawn shops have to pay a transaction fee for credit card purchases, and that fee can reflect on your final bill. When you have cash on hand, pawnbrokers are also more accepting during negotiations since their goal is to make the sale.
  • Use online shopping to your advantage Even if you want to look at the ring in person before committing to the purchase (which is a smart idea), browsing a pawn shop’s online inventory is a great way to quickly see what they have as well as starting prices so you can show up more prepared.
  • Know when to step away or come back If you feel that a pawn shop isn’t being fair with its prices, you aren’t obligated to settle. You can always walk away and keep searching, or come back to try again another day.

Types of Wedding Rings

It can be difficult to shop for a wedding ring if you’re not sure what’s out there to begin with. But with the help of this guide, you’ll have a general idea of the most common and sought-after wedding ring styles so you can pick out your ring with confidence.

Purely Simple

Since the original idea of a wedding ring is to add on to the engagement ring as a complimentary piece, the traditional style is a plain and simple band. Rather than being adorned with stones, this band lets the engagement ring continue to be the star while still showing proof of advancement in a relationship. These plain bands can also come in twisted, curved, carved, and infinity styles. Regardless, the general idea is to keep it minimalistic.


Those who love their diamonds don’t have to go with a traditional band. Wedding rings can also come adorned with jewels, with popular styles being the pave, 5-stone, and channel. Pave rings feature a line of small diamonds alongside half of the band’s circumference. 5-stone rings are more symbolic with five large stones distinctly protruding out of the band and can come in either diamond or other popular gemstones. The channel style is basically an eternity band with the accompaniment of princess-cut diamonds.

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