Best Place to Buy/Sell Unwanted Jewelry

It can be difficult to part with your old jewelry for fear of it falling into the wrong hands or getting scammed with ridiculously low quotes. That’s why we’re here to give you a fair price for your unwanted jewelry! And if you’re looking to buy used pieces at an affordable cost, we have one of the best selections near you. This makes Westminster Mega Pawn the best place to buy and sell unwanted jewelry in Westminster and the surrounding area!

Buy Used Jewelry For A Great Deal In Westminster!

When people trade their old jewelry for cash, we make sure to fix it up before presenting it to you at a fair price. How do we compete with other pawn shops in the area? We don’t mark up our prices when we resell pieces which makes us the best place to find quality jewelry in name brands at a fantastic value.

Finding Top Brands

We don’t just sell generic pieces. You can find high-jewelry from top-name brands at Westminster Mega Pawn including Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Michael Kors, and more! Our stock rotates often so you can browse through a fresh selection of jewelry every time you swing by.

Great Value, Amazing Quality

As we said, we don’t mark up our prices on jewelry. We go by the objective value of the precious metals and gems of the item as well as the rarity of the brand’s collection to give you an honest number. We are also open to negotiations so you can get an even greater deal!

A man holding dollar bills with gold jewelries
Jewerlies in a box with cash

Get Cash For Your Unwanted Jewelry In Westminster

Have jewelry that you’re wanting to get rid of? You can trade it for cash easily at Westminster Mega Pawn, and we’ll give you a fair price for it! We will never short you of what it’s worth because we have qualified appraisers on site to bring you an accurate estimate.

Same-Day Process

You won’t have to wait days to see your money after you sell your unwanted jewelry. Once we agree on a price, we will give you your cash right then and there, just like that! You can be in and out in just a few minutes so you can spend your earnings ASAP.

We’ll Take Any Jewelry!

Whether it’s broken, old, or outdated, it doesn’t matter. Westminster Mega Pawn will accept any form of jewelry because everything has a value no matter how big or small. If you think it’s worthless, bring it here and we’ll take a look!

Buy And Sell Jewelry At Westminster Mega Pawn!

At Westminster Mega Pawn, you can enjoy a great deal whether you’re buying or selling your unwanted jewelry. You can give us a call at 714-893-0555 for more information or swing by anytime and we’ll gladly use our expertise to assist you!

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