One of the main reasons why people are so adamant about staying away from pawn shops when it comes to shopping for jewelry is the fear of ending up with a fake piece. But that’s no reason to rule them out completely. There are places in Orange County that are reputable and have the expertise to differentiate between bunk items and genuine articles. As long as you know where to look and what to keep an eye out for, you can snag yourself some diamond necklaces and bracelets that are not only gorgeous but also come at a very low price for a much more satisfying purchase.


Telling the Difference Between A Sketchy Pawn Shop And A Trustworthy Establishment

Aren’t all pawn shops sketchy? Not if you know the key factors in what makes for a reputable store you can trust. When looking for a trustworthy pawn shop in Orange County, you want to pay attention to what places have been established in the area for a long time and the quality of their customer service. That way, you’re not leaving things up to chance when you go pay the place a visit.


Identifying A Good Reputation

When someone gets ripped off, they’ll likely never visit that store again and the place will eventually go out of business as word spreads of their poor selling practices. The reason why some pawn shops stay in the same spot for as long as they do is that people actually like going there. A good pawn shop with nothing to hide will also have no problems answering any questions you have about their qualifications and credentials. In fact, they’ll encourage you to ask so they have a chance to prove themselves worthy of your time.


Evaluating Diamond Necklaces and Bracelets

A good pawn shop in Orange County will most likely have qualified appraisers in-house, but it still helps to have your own bit of knowledge on diamonds and diamond jewelry so you don’t go into a store without a plan. No matter whether you’re wanting to buy a necklace or a bracelet, understanding the basics of diamond anatomy along with popular jewelry styles and brand names can give you the means to browse with confidence.


The Diamond Grading Scale

As you may already know, not all diamonds are the same. They come in varying shapes and levels of brilliance. To be more accurate, the diamond grading scale consists of the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the gem. Most people distinguish diamonds solely by the cut, having preferred styles such as the oval, round, pear, trilliant, or princess cut.


Types of Necklaces and Bracelets

Just like how there are different types of diamonds, jewelry comes in so many different styles with new trends coming around every year. It can be overwhelming to go into a shop with no clear goal in mind, but you can familiarize yourself with the different types of diamond necklaces and bracelets and pick out a few favorites to keep watch for. Walking into an Orange County pawn shop with a set plan will show the staff that you mean business and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


Diamond Necklace Styles Diamond Bracelet Styles
●     Diamond solitaire necklace

●     Diamond tennis necklace

●     Diamond bar necklace

●     Diamond initial necklace

●     Diamond collar necklace

●     Diamond chain necklace

●     Diamond charm bracelet

●     Diamond tennis bracelet

●     Diamond bangle bracelet

●     Diamond link bracelet


Popular Jewelry Brands

Lastly, it helps to know which brands better cater to your preferred style. For a classy and simplistic look, many people would look into Tiffany & Co. as a currently trendy jewelry brand. For something big and flashy, it’s hard to mistake the bold and distinct style of Bvlgari. Other popular jewelry brands that you may want to consider when shopping for Diamond necklaces and bracelets include:

  • Cartier
  • Piaget
  • Dior
  • Michael Kors
  • Harry Winston
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chopard
  • Gucci


Would you be able to find these high-end jewelry brand names at a pawn shop? Absolutely! There are well-known pawn shops in Orange County that have a reputation for trading such popular brands at great prices.


Guiding the Price In Your Favor

Educating yourself is everything when it comes to negotiating at your local pawn shop in Orange County. By showing that you have basic knowledge of what you’re shopping for, pawnbrokers are better able to work with you since it’ll be like you’re speaking the same language. Let them give a starting price, or use the displayed price tag as a base to urge the price down a little bit without making any unreasonable quotes. For example, if you point out that the clarity of a diamond seems a bit off or that part of the silver seems a bit corroded, you’ll have a good reason to ask for a few bucks off the listing price. But your biggest weapon is the ability to walk away at any point in the process. Pawnbrokers want to make a sale, so they’d be more willing to work with you if you decide to call it quits.


Where to Go In Orange County For Diamond Jewelry

For high-end diamond necklaces and bracelets for a low price in Orange County, you’ll have better luck at Westminster Mega Pawn. The shop has been serving the community for many years now and has just recently expanded into a large family of pawn shops across the area including sister locations like Central Mega Pawn and Azusa Mega Pawn. Swing by anytime to see the rotating stock of jewelry or call 714-893-0555 anytime to ask the friendly staff for more information.