A gold chain is many things: a status symbol, an investment, and a means to carry your charm or pendant with pride. From thin and delicate to thick and heavy, these chains appeal to individuals of varying backgrounds and personalities. Such an essential accessory can be found almost anywhere, but only reputable pawn shops in Westminster can give you the best value when buying and selling gold chains.

A Gold Chain’s Value

Other than surface-level fashion appeal, the characteristics of the gold itself are what ultimately decide the price value of a gold chain. But what is so special about gold as a metal? We as a society know that gold is good, but not many people know why it’s good.

Gold Properties As a Precious Metal

Gold is more than just something that’s shiny. People in ancient times have found practical uses for gold that have determined its value and time has caused that value to evolve into a more materialistic approach. But when it comes down to it, the original appeal of gold comes down to its useful characteristics:

  • Gold is not subject to rust and corrosion like other metals such as iron and copper.
  • The ability to conduct heat and electricity without rusting or corroding allows gold to be used in many electronics like cell phones, microwaves, and computers.
  • Malleability is a key factor in how gold is able to be implemented in most electronic devices.
  • Gold is nearly indestructible which makes it one of the more long-lasting metals in existence.

When considering all of these incredible properties, it’s easy to realize that the value of gold goes beyond its attractive appearance.

A Small Guide to Karats

Regardless of what your gold chain looks like on the surface, its true value lies in the karat. The karat determines how much gold makes up the overall composition. For any gold pieces that are less than 24 karats, the mixture typically includes other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. The karat of your gold chain can typically be found imprinted near the clasp with 24k being the closest to a pure gold composition.

Karat Gold Percentage
6k 25%
8k 33.3%
12k 50%
14k 58.3%
22k 91.6%
24k 99.9% or higher

Selling Your Gold Chain to A Pawn Shop

The price of gold is a rather steady market since its physical value hardly changes despite the state of the economy which is why it’s commonly sought after as a worthwhile investment. If you feel like it’s finally time to cash in, there are a few things you can do to help increase the value of your gold chain.

Identifying Your Gold Chain

As stated earlier, finding the karat of your gold chain is as simple as checking the imprinted number near the clasp. The next step would be to weigh your gold and cross-reference your data with the current gold prices. If you don’t own a scale, there’s no need to worry because experienced pawn shops in Westminster carry scales for accurate in-house appraisals.

Prepping Jewelry to Sell to a Pawn Shop

The less time and effort that a pawn shop has to do in making your jewelry look nice enough for resale, the more value they’ll see in your item. In that case, you could easily squeeze out a few extra bucks just by cleaning your gold chain at home. You won’t even have to buy special jewelry cleaner as a simple bowl of warm water and a soft towel can do the trick.

Buying A Gold Chain From A Pawn Shop

If you’re looking to buy a gold chain in Westminster, the best place to do so is at a reputable pawn shop. Jewelry retail stores will always charge a premium in order to get the most profit, but pawn shops act as a means of circulating used goods within the community which is done most efficiently by offering objectively fair prices. But how do you know if a pawn shop can be trusted?

Finding the Right Place

You will know that a pawn shop is reputable if they have plenty of years serving the area. No shop will be able to survive for decades by dealing in unfair prices, so the longer they’ve been established the more trustworthy they’re likely to be. Having hundreds of positive reviews online is also a good indicator since it would cost time and money to hire such a large number of ghostwriters. You can also judge the reliability of a store by giving them a call and gauging the quality of their customer service over the phone.

The Art of Negotiating

An experienced pawnbroker will always expect you to negotiate. While this tactic won’t work at your typical retail store, pawn shops are one of the few places where negotiating is actually very appropriate. With used products, it’s only reasonable to ensure that you’re getting a fair price. It’s really no different than going back and forth at a garage sale. In case you’re still nervous, there are helpful guides to negotiating at pawn shops for your convenience.

The Best Place to Buy And Sell Gold Chains In Westminster

For those who live in Westminster or the surrounding area, Westminster Mega Pawn is the best pawn shop for buying and selling gold chains. With over 30 years of experience serving the community, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the fairest prices possible compared to the competition. The pawnbrokers at Westminster Mega Pawn are even willing to take broken gold chains off your hands for quick cash! Call 714-893-0555 to speak with the friendly and helpful staff.