Pawn shops all over Orange County are candidates for buying and selling Patek Philippe watches, but not all of them understand the true value behind the glass and how to properly care for them. For the best possible experience in dealing with this incredible brand, you’ll want to know your stuff and where to turn to. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to educate yourself on the basics of identifying a watch and finding a reputable pawn shop near you.


Patek Philippe: The Definition of Exclusivity

What’s so great about Patek Philippe watches, and why do people go to such great lengths to acquire one? While other designer watch brands mass-produce their pieces, Patek Philippe values the intimacy that goes into each and every one of their watches. They’re known for creating some of the most intricate movements on the market, with some of them taking anywhere from 4-6 years to complete. Once the movement has been perfected, fitting it into a watch can take another 9 months to a couple of years. The amount of time that it takes to produce a single watch is exactly why they’re so rare and sought-after. For reference, Patek Philippe produces roughly 50,000 watches a year while other competing brands push out hundreds of thousands to meet demand. However, Patek Philippe is more interested in delivering immaculate watches for enthusiasts to enjoy rather than simply making a huge profit.


The 10 Patek Philippe Core Values

  1. Tradition
  2. Heritage
  3. Emotion
  4. Independence
  5. Innovation
  1. Value
  2. Rarity
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Service
  5. Quality and Fine Workmanship


Reasons To Skip On The Retail Store

The business structure of retail stores is designed to bring in the most profit. This means that they’ll raise the ticket price by as much as 300% of the original cost and they will offer you less than the face value for trading in your current watch. In a way, pawn shops are more ethical than your typical retail store because there are some serving Orange County that operates on more fair terms. They will primarily buy and sell items at face value, and that includes Patek Philippe watches. They’re able to do this because reputable pawn shops will have qualified appraisers on-site in order to give you the true value of an item rather than going by store policies involving mark-ups. Other benefits of shopping at a pawn shop over a retail store include:

  • Promoting a more personal experience. Retail workers are just there to make their selling points and clock out for the day. Reputable pawn shops, on the other hand, enjoy their job enough to speak with you on friendlier terms.
  • Choosing from a unique selection. Retail stores will only carry the most current styles while pawn shops are more likely to have rare, vintage, or discontinued models.
  • Having the power to negotiate. If you feel as though the pricing on a watch is a bit off, you’re welcome to open up negotiations with a pawnbroker. However, this ability isn’t even an option at a retail store.


Understanding Watch Anatomy (And Getting A Better Price)

When it comes to properly pricing a Patek Philippe watch, admiring its beauty is not enough. With any kind of watch, it helps to know the basic parts so that you can better evaluate each piece while you’re out shopping or so you have a better idea of what your watch is worth before you decide to sell it. Plus, knowing your stuff can give you an edge during negotiations.


Exterior Parts of a Watch

Crystal ●     This is the glass that covers the main part of a watch to keep everything protected.
Case ●     Also known as the housing, the case holds and secures all of the contents of the watch.
Bezel ●     The outer ring which holds the crystal in place. It can be plain or decorative and can sometimes be rotated to activate certain functions.
Dial ●     The part of the face that displays the numbers so that the hands can point to the correct time.
Subdial ●     Some watches feature subdials within the main dial for additional information like communicating the exact second.
Crown ●     The rotating knob on the side of the watch that lets you set the time.
Pusher ●     When a watch has additional functions, the pusher lets you access those functions.
Lugs ●     The protruding pieces below the watch that allows you to attach a band.


Getting the Best Price On A Watch

When selling your Patek Philippe watch, you want to make sure that these basic parts are fully operational and that everything looks clean and like-new to get the best possible price. Gathering any packaging and other accessories that may have come with the watch will also bring in more money. On the other hand, if you’re buying a Patek Philippe watch, you want to look over these basic parts to ensure that you’re getting a functional piece. A reputable pawn shop will likely have appraisers look over these parts and fix them up accordingly, but if you still see any issues with these parts, then you can use that as a rebuttal in your negotiations.


Finding the Best Pawn Shop In Orange County

Want to skip out on the guesswork and visit a pawn shop that’s already known for being honest and fair? Westminster Mega Pawn has been serving Orange County for over a decade and has earned hundreds of positive reviews online for its incredible service. You can call the shop anytime at 714-893-0555 to speak with the friendly staff about any Patek Philippe watches they may have in stock or their policies regarding selling your own designer watch.