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Believe it or not, many people have come to Westminster Pawn to shop for engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary gifts, and so on. Even if pawn shops are the last place you would expect to look, it’s actually the best option compared to big-name retail stores for a few very good reasons.

Better Than Your Typical Retail Store

When you go to a jewelry store, you walk in with a clear disadvantage. There’s no room for negotiations meaning that your only option is to settle for the full sticker price. Plus, you’d be paying all that money for something that is also accessible to other buyers in the area since the jewelry is mass-produced to keep up with current trends which makes each piece feel a little less special. Westminster Pawn puts all of these woes aside for a much better jewelry-shopping experience.

Fairer Prices

Since we have qualified jewelry appraisers on hand, all of our prices are based on the quality of the material in comparison to current market prices in order to place a fair value on each piece of jewelry in our store. Even still, we are always open to negotiations if you are looking to purchase. At a jewelry store, not only are you unable to haggle but the sticker prices are usually well above the actual value of the item in order for them to make a substantial profit.

Gold and Diamond Jewerly
Gold Jewerlies

A Unique Selection

You never know what you’ll find every time you walk into Westminster Pawn. Since our inventory is dependent on the people in the area, we come across nothing but the most unique pieces of jewelry that are guaranteed to be unlike anything that you’ll currently find at the jewelry store. If you want a one-of-a-kind accessory worthy of bragging about, look no further than our wares!

Like-New Quality

Many people think that the reason why pawn shop prices are lower is that the quality of the items aren’t up to standard. Westminster Pawn is here to debunk that statement. Before putting up any piece of jewelry for sale, we work our magic to make sure that it’s in the best condition possible. We check to make sure our jewelry is fully functional and that it looks absolutely pristine. If you come to look for yourself, you would think that our jewelry inventory has never been worn!

Diamond Jewerly

Visit Westminster Pawn Today!

Whether you’re jewelry shopping for yourself or for a loved one, Westminster Pawn is the best alternative to more expensive jewelry stores. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy our lower prices and unique selection of accessories. Since our stock is always rotating, you can check back often in search of that one piece that truly stands out to you! Call 714-893-0555 today.

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