Pawn Silver in Cypress

Westminster Pawn accepts many silver items as collateral for a pawn loan. A pawn loan is also known as a collateral loan, and the only thing you need to secure instant cash is your item, and your state-issued identification, or driver’s license. Silver items that can serve as collateral for a pawn loan in Cypress may include:

  • Silver rings
  • Silver necklaces
  • Silver bracelets
  • Silver watches
  • Silver earrings
  • Silver dining sets
  • Silver coins
  • Silver bars

The loan amount you may get for your silver item will be based in part upon:

  • Market price for silver
  • Purity of silver (sterling silver, .999 silver, etc.)
  • Condition of your silver item
  • Style of silver jewelry

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a loan estimate over the phone. We need to see the item to verify it is authentic, and to review the condition of the item. For example, a silver chain that shows obvious signs of wear and tear will be valued at less than the same silver chain in excellent condition.

To find out how much you may be able to obtain in a pawn loan for a silver item, bring it to our shop Monday – Saturday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Different kinds of silver Jewerlies on maroon table

Pawn Loans for Silver in Cypress

At Westminster Pawn, we accept many silver items as collateral for a pawn loan. If we decide to extend a loan for your silver jewelry, you will receive an offer for a percentage of the value of the item. If you decide to accept the offer, your pawn loan paperwork will be drawn up immediately.

Our pawn loans do not affect your credit. All pawn loans extended by Westminster Pawn are completely confidential. 

The terms and conditions of your pawn loan are straightforward. We offer four-month repayment options, with interest rates that range from 2%- 35.99% depending on the item you’re using for collateral. Our interest rates are far below the interest rate you’ll pay at a payday loan company. You will know exactly how much you need to pay each month to fulfill the loan, and have your item returned to you.

While you’re making your loan payments, your items will be held in a state-of-the-art secured storage, monitored by 24/7 security cameras. 

If you make each monthly payment your item will returned to you after you make your final payment. If you haven’t made your monthly payments, but have kept current with the interest, your pawn loan may be renewed, or we may issue another pawn loan. 

Please keep in mind that you cannot send someone else in to make the loan payment on your behalf. This is because confidentiality is required by the California Pawnbrokers Association, and Westminster Pawn is a proud member of CAPA. 

Should you fail to renew or extend your loan, you will forfeit your item, and we will sell it. However, defaulting on your pawn loan will not affect your credit score as cash loans are not reported to credit bureaus. 

Pawn Your Silver Belongings Today at Westminster Pawn

For fast cash, with simple repayment terms and conditions, visit Westminster Pawn today. We are located at 7095 Westminster Blvd, just minutes from Cypress. We look forward to providing you with the instant cash you need.

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