There is no shortage of jewelry shops where you can shop for a wedding ring. From national jewelry chains you find in malls, to online jewelry retailers, to independent stores, beautiful wedding rings are not in short supply. But there’s one other option you may not have considered. Pawn shops carry wedding rings, and often carry them for a terrific price. Before you rule out shopping for a wedding ring at a pawn shop, read on for the unique benefits, and logical reasons that you may want to buy your wedding ring from a local, reputable pawn shop.

What Exactly is a Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops have been in existence for centuries. Though pawn shops do extend pawn loans (AKA collateral loans), they also buy and sell a variety of items. Each pawn shop is different, but some buy and sell wedding rings, engagement rings, and other types of jewelry.

The inventory of jewelry that pawn shops carry is purchased directly from customers. Pawn shops do not order jewelry in bulk. This means that the jewelry that a pawn shop has for sale at any given time may be nearly new, vintage, designer, or even a one-of-a kind custom piece. 

Pre-Owned Wedding Rings: Fact vs. Fiction

Although a pawn shop may not be the first place you think of to buy a wedding ring, it does deserve your consideration. Here’s a look at fact vs. fiction when it comes to buying a wedding ring from a pawn shop.

Fiction: A Wedding Ring from a Pawn Shop Has Bad Energy

Wedding rings for sale at pawn shops don’t automatically have a history of heartbreak. Just because you find a wedding ring for sale at a pawn shop doesn’t mean the marriage failed, or the wedding was called off. 

Fact: Wedding Rings at Pawn Shops Have Unique Histories

Many times, wedding rings you find in pawn shops were inherited by family members, who do not need the ring. Other rings for sale may have been purchased by individuals who found them at a garage sale, or estate sale, and knew they were valuable, so they bought and sold to the pawn shop for a profit. Other happily married individuals decide it’s time to upgrade their ring or renew their vows and decide to sell their old ring for something new. 

Fiction: You Shouldn’t Wear a Pre-Owned Wedding Ring

This claim is especially odd, considering some of the wealthiest royalty in the world wear used jewelry passed down through generations. Today, millions of proposals include a preowned ring, often from a beloved family member.

Fact: Pre-Owned Rings are Often More Unique (and Better for the Earth)

Pre-owned rings often stand out from the rings that are currently trendy. This can prevent you from having the same wedding ring as a friend. As a bonus, pre-owned rings cause no further harm to our environment as no additional mining is required. 

Fiction: Wedding Rings at Pawn Shops are Fake or Cheap

Although you can often find a wedding ring for up to 40% less than you’d pay at a traditional retailer, that doesn’t mean pawn shop wedding rings are fake, or made of low-quality materials. 

Fact: Pawn Shops are Serious About Authenticity

Pawn shops need to build a good reputation, as referrals from customers account for a sizable portion of their business. So pawn shops are extremely cautious when evaluating and buying jewelry. This prevents them from purchasing knockoffs, fake gemstones, or wedding rings that are made of cheap materials. 

Fiction: Pawn Shops Won’t Have a Good Selection of Wedding Rings

While you won’t always find a selection of wedding rings as large as you would find in a jewelry shop, you are likely to find a truly diverse selection of rings. This is because pawn shops buy directly from people, and everyone has different taste and style. 

Fact: You Can Find Designer, Vintage, and Antique Wedding Rings

Pawn shops never know what items their customers will bring into sell on any given day. From antique style wedding bands to contemporary bands, to designer jewelry, the selection of wedding rings at pawn shops is likely to offer something for everyone. 

Fiction: Pawn Shops Will Overcharge You

The opposite is true. Pawn shops are less likely to overcharge you than a jewelry store. Jewelry retailers are known to mark up their jewelry by 2-3x the wholesale price.

Fact: Pawn Shops Save You Money

Pawn shops do not need to make as much of a profit from the jewelry they sell because jewelry sales are only a portion of their business. In addition to jewelry they may buy and sell other high value items such as electronics, gold and silver bullion, sporting equipment, collectors items, coins, and musical instruments. 

You Have Nothing to Lose by Looking for Wedding Rings at Pawn Shops

Even if you’re still not convinced that buying a wedding ring from a pawn shop is right for you, there’s no harm in stopping into a shop to view their inventory. Leading pawn shops may also showcase some of their items in an online store. However, because pawn shops buy and sell jewelry most days of the week, many items don’t last long enough to be listed in the online store. To see for yourself the selection of wedding rings for sale at any given time, it’s best to visit the store.

Should you see a wedding ring you’d like to buy, don’t forget that you’re welcome to try to negotiate for a better price. You may save even more than you thought possible!

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