No matter how you end up with unwanted jewelry, it can be a pain to hang on to it. Sometimes we end up with gifted pieces that don’t seem to match a single outfit in the closet, or maybe you’ve overused a piece of jewelry to the point of it breaking and you can’t get yourself to part with it, at least without a good reason. Selling your unwanted jewelry is a great way to get rid of something that’s just sitting on your dresser while getting some bit of payout, but where should you sell it? Most people would think to go to a jewelry store or a pawn shop in Westminster, but there are many reasons why you should choose the former.

Pawn Shops vs Jewelry Stores

When it comes to how much you’ll get for your jewelry, or if you can sell your jewelry in the first place, the difference between pawn shops and jewelry stores matters a great deal. Many people are under the misconception that jewelry stores will be more accepting of your jewelry and give you the fairest price, but it’s actually quite the opposite. For the best experience all around, you’d be shocked to know that pawn shops in Westminster are more honest and open about their dealings than that fancy store in the mall.

More Likely to Accept Your Jewelry

Since jewelry stores make the most money selling what’s trending or popular, they are very particular about what they’ll accept. If your jewelry is too old or not current enough, they will quickly turn you away because they’re not interested in hanging onto a piece longer than they have to. They are also picky about it looking brand new. If it doesn’t look fresh from the line, they immediately see a difficult sale. Pawn shops, on the other hand, gladly take anything with value. Pawnbrokers are patient and don’t mind holding a piece that will find its new owner in time, and they enjoy having many pieces to display and show off anyway.

More Likely to Give You a Fair Price

As mentioned earlier, jewelry stores are only interested in receiving a quick and substantial profit. So even if they do decide that your jewelry is nice enough to resell, they will give you an offer on the lower end of the spectrum in order to get the most out of it later on. This is a surefire way to undervalue your item. Pawn shops get a bad rap for shorting their customers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are reputable pawn shops that give you an offer based on the true market values of precious metals and gems for a more objective price. Basically, you would be receiving the cost of the materials on their own, plus extra depending on the craftsmanship of the item.

How to Value Your Jewelry

Although a reputable pawn shop will likely give you a fair deal from the get-go, it could put your mind at ease and help with negotiations to have a rough idea of how much your jewelry is worth before you go out and make the trip. For the most part, jewelry is valued by the quality, weight, and current market price of precious metals and any gems that may be present.

Finding the Value of Precious Metal

Whether your jewelry is gold, silver, or even platinum, all precious metals go by similar factors when determining the final value. First off is the quality. Gold goes by karats, and the higher the karat rating the more true gold is in the composition. For instance, 6 karats mean that there is only 25% gold whereas 24 karats (the highest grade) is almost pure gold at 99.9% or higher. Silver goes by a similar grading scale, where 925 silver is the highest grade of sterling silver that is used for jewelry. Once you find the quality of your metal, you can compare it to the weight of your piece and the current market.


Gold Karat Ratings

6k 25% gold
8k 33% gold
12k 50% gold
18k 75% gold
24k 99.9% or higher


Finding the Value of Gemstones

Diamonds are the most common and desired stone used for jewelry, and so they come with their own grading scale regarding cut, carat, clarity, and color. Combined, these qualities determine the brilliance of each stone. While it can take years to master identifying these elements, a reputable pawn shop will have a qualified appraiser on site. Other precious gemstones that are worth the most include ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Anything else is regarded as a semi-precious stone that still holds worth, albeit a bit less.

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