Since antiques are rare items, it can be difficult finding a decent place to sell them, let alone buy them. Antique stores that specialize in these items may even have a difficult time circulating inventory and offering you a decent price since they need the profits to stay in business, but that doesn’t necessarily help you and your endeavors. If you need to change things up in your search, you’re sure to find solace at your local Westminster pawn shop.

What Is Considered An Antique?

There are many ways to classify a particular antique, but the main rule is that the item needs to be at least a hundred years old in order to be considered a true, authentic antique as long as it holds value. Anything younger than that is technically considered a vintage item. While many people tend to throw the two terms around interchangeably, it can help to know the difference when it comes time to shop as a true collector.

As long as it meets the age criteria, antiques can come in all forms including:

  • Collectible coins
  • Clocks and watches
  • Dishware and silverware
  • Old jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Sculptures
  • Rare books
  • Paintings and other artwork
  • Typewriters
  • Pottery
  • Discontinued toys
  • And more!

While there’s almost no limit to what can be classified as an antique, clocks and pocket watches are among the most popular and sought-out items because of their intricate nature and attention to detail.

Buying Antiques At a Pawn Shop

If you’re shopping around, you may get tired of the same stock of items at your typical antique shop. For a nice change of pace, pawn shops are constantly buying and selling items for a fresh inventory every time you come to visit. This is because pawn shops aren’t limited to antique items so there’s a larger customer base meaning that more items are likely to come and go. Because of the rotating stock, this is a wonderful option for those who want more options when going about their search. However, pawn shops operate a bit differently than traditional antique shops in how they handle transactions. For the best experience, consider these tips:

  • Look for a pawn shop that is already reputable with plenty of positive reviews online.
  • Bring cash as pawnbrokers prefer this method of payment over cards and will be more likely to accept a lower offer.
  • Open up negotiations at a lower offer than the sticker price without going too low.
  • Keep a friendly attitude as pawnbrokers love to work with pleasant company.
  • Maintain your expectations in both price and types of available items. Patience is key, so be willing to come back and check often.
  • Save yourself time by checking out the online store before coming in.


New to Antiquing?

If you’re still trying to discover what type of antiques to collect, take a moment to consider what you’re actually interested in over what holds the most value. It also helps to keep your interests limited to a single category, or two at most. If you make your criteria too broad, or you choose something that you don’t care much for, you can lose interest in your newfound hobby much sooner than anticipated.


Selling Your Antiques At a Pawn Shop

When it comes to selling your antique item to a pawn shop, there are a different set of tips and tricks to consider for getting the best deal. Of course, you’re more likely to fetch a higher price for your antique if it’s in working condition and if it’s nice and clean. If you’ve already gotten it appraised by a qualified antique appraiser, bringing in the official paperwork as solid proof of its condition is sure to help your case when it comes time to negotiate. And in order to find a starting point for your transaction, a bit of internet research can help you find similar items to use as a base in terms of the price range. Basically, if you come prepared and make an attempt at knowing what you’re doing, it will be much easier to communicate with your pawnbroker on a more even playing field.


Price Factors For Antiques

  • The age and rarity of the item
  • The category that the antique falls under (more intricate items like clocks and watches naturally have a higher value)
  • The cleanliness of the item
  • The functionality of the item


Although the antique itself comes with its own unique value, you’re not always guaranteed to receive that amount when you sell it since the final price depends on the pawn shop you’re selling it to. For instance, selling an antique piece of jewelry to a pawn shop that only specializes in jewelry may give you less for your item as a way of taxing you for their expertise and to stay in business. General pawn shops that specialize in all types of goods are less worried about staying in business and are more focused on moving their items which they are more likely to accomplish by offering fair prices. So for the best experience in fueling your antique-driven hobby, go to your general pawn shop in Westminster!

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