All growing relationships deserve the best, and sometimes the best comes in the form of stunning jewelry to be passed down for generations. Since jewelry retailers can mark up their prices to an unreachable total, a beautiful engagement ring may feel out of the question for many loving couples. Things shouldn’t have to be this way, but pawn shops come as an answer to your troubles. Discover the many reasons why you should buy your engagement ring from a pawn shop and the best place to visit in Orange County for finding the perfect one.


1. You Can Buy A Beautiful Ring At A Lower, Much More Affordable Price

Jewelry retail stores are infamous for increasing their prices well above the original sticker price for jewelry, especially diamond rings. It’ll be practically impossible to find a store that doesn’t mark up their prices since it’s a unanimously common business practice among big-name jewelry stores and even some local businesses. If you’re on a budget, or would rather save your money for the actual wedding, you’ll most likely feel an incredible case of buyer’s remorse if you decide to take out a loan for a brand-new ring. Pawn shops are able to offer much lower prices partly because the rings have been pawned by their previous owners but mostly because pawnbrokers only put up rings at their objective value. They factor in the price of the precious metal and the gemstone when appraising each ring and display them for what they’re honestly worth with no markups.


2. Choose From A Unique Selection Of Styles Including Vintage Pieces

Engagement rings can come in so many styles, but you’re likely to run across very similar ones at every retailer that you visit. The beauty of pawn shops is that you can find styles from nearly any generation of engagement ring styles, including rare and vintage pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, no one said that engagement rings absolutely had to be made of diamonds. Since it’s your engagement, you get to decide what you want to buy. If you come across a stunning ring at a pawn shop that speaks out to you despite it not being made of diamond, then it can be the perfect engagement ring that you’ve been looking for!


Popular engagement ring styles:

  • Classic
  • Dramatic Bands
  • Emerald-Cut Diamonds
  • Vintage-Inspired
  • Colored Gemstones
  • Smaller Side Stones


3. Some Pawn Shops Carry Name-Brand Diamond Rings

Looking for engagement rings from top brands at a lower price? Pawn shops don’t only carry the obscure. You can also find all kinds of jewelry from some of your favorite designers! If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a new, popular, and trendy engagement ring from a famous and very sought-after brand at a pawn shop that’s listed at nearly half the price of what you’ll find brand new at a retailer. To some couples, being able to find a high-end diamond ring for a tremendous deal is something to brag to their friends about for ages to come.


Popular Brands For Shopping Diamond Rings:

Tiffany & Co.

Harry Winston






4. Buying An Engagement Ring From A Pawn Shop Is Faster And Easier

Especially with the higher price of retail store engagement rings, people often have to take out loans just to be able to walk away with the ring they want and spend the next couple of years working on paying it off in full. And since this method involves monthly payments, a credit check is typically done in-store to make sure that you’re able to handle such a commitment. But since pawn shop prices are much more affordable, you can easily walk into a shop and pay for the ring in full and walk back out with your new engagement ring, no strings attached. The process only takes a few minutes and no credit checks are needed. This is just another one of the many reasons people love to shop for their jewelry at pawn shops, including engagement and wedding rings.


Does A Credit Check At A Jewelry Store Count As A Hard Inquiry?

Just like buying a new car or a house, having your credit score evaluated by a jewelry retailer will typically fall on your credit score. A hard inquiry can dramatically affect your credit and it can take some time to build that score back up. It also helps to know that hard inquiries can stay on your credit report for as long as two years.


5. Some Pawned Engagement Rings Come With Incredible Stories

Every pawnbroker loves to hear a good story whenever someone pawns a valuable item to them. It gives each item a special value that’s more than just the objective value for the quality of the materials and the rarity of the style. If you ask, your pawnbroker will gladly relay any of these stories to you which may help in your final decision. You may come across sweet tales of how the previous couple met, their journey through their married life, and so on. Hearing about these things can be a great source of inspiration or act as a great motivator in choosing your engagement ring.


Finding Your Engagement Ring At An Orange County Pawn Shop

Where is the best pawn shop to search for engagement rings in Orange County? Westminster Mega Pawn carries a large, rotating selection of jewelry including diamond engagement rings. Swing by anytime to check out the current selection or give the store a call at 714-893-0555 to ask about the available inventory!