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You can get quick, easy, and convenient cash loans at Westminster Pawn with your collateral items. As long as your item holds value, you can utilize our standard 4-month loan services under a fully-confidential process.

Getting a Cash Loan at Westminster Pawn

What exactly is collateral in terms of a cash loan? Basically anything containing any bit of value, whether it be a piece of jewelry or a functioning electronic device, can be held by a pawn shop as a deposit for a loan. At Westminster Pawn, all collateral items are kept safe and locked away under 24-hour surveillance until you reach the end of your loan term. In the past, we’ve accepted items such as silver and gold pieces, tools, computers, television sets, musical instruments, collector coins, and anything else you can think of to trade. If it can be sold, then it can be used as collateral for a cash loan!

How much can you take out for a cash loan? The limit is dependent on the item that you bring as collateral. According to California state law, a single pawn loan can range from $5 to $50,000. However, you can take out multiple pawn loans at Westminster Pawn which means that there’s really no limit to how much you can borrow as long as you have enough items to turn in. Each ticket is treated completely separate from each other for your convenience.

Our minimum, as well as our maximum, loan repayment period is four months. But since we understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and financial situations, we gladly offer extensions and renewals at Westminster Pawn to help you out if you need it. Extensions can be done by paying off the remainder of the accrued interest before setting up a new loan with the same terms as the original loan.

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Westminster Pawn does not make hard pulls from your credit score. Your credit score is not at all tied to your pawn loans in order to provide you with a risk-free experience.

Should you become unable to make payments and turn down any extension offers, you will forfeit your collateral item. Of course, you could always choose to willingly give up your valuables to become free of your loan. This is a major benefit to seeking out a cash loan at a pawn shop over taking out a traditional loan that could affect your credit score by falling into your collections.

At Westminster Pawn, you never have to worry about anyone else getting involved with your cash loans since we are bound by confidentiality as one of the many regulations set by the California Pawnbrokers Association. You are the only one authorized to make payments on your loan as we do not accept payments from third parties.


Loan Period: 4 months

Loan Amount: $2500.00

APR: 24.12%

Total Interest Paid: $201.00

Interest rates on cash loans at Westminster Pawn can range anywhere from 2% to 35.99% depending on the collateral item used to take out the loan. This is actually a very generous offer compared to traditional loans that can charge you up to four times the loan amount which is not even worth it to most borrowers. No matter your loan terms, every cash loan is strictly regulated by the state of California for your safety.

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