Choosing your next designer watch is as easy as going with the renowned Rolex brand. Everywhere you go, Rolex is the name that always comes up when discussing watches because of its iconic nature and well-earned reputation. Collecting these famous watches can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t need to be. Buying a Rolex watch from your local Westminster pawn shop will bring you the best experience in more ways than one.

The Undeniable Charm of Rolex

When talking about designer watches, Rolex is always the first brand to come to mind, and for a good reason. The founder of the company began distributing exceptional timepieces in 1905 and the iconic quality became so sought after that the brand was officially established shortly after. But what is it about Rolex watches that people love to this day many decades later?

Accuracy to the Millisecond

You’ll never find yourself running late as long as you have a Rolex on your wrist. This is because the company prides itself in producing some of the most accurate watches available. Designers and engineers alike work diligently day in and day out to ensure that every Rolex watch stays true to its impeccable time-keeping capabilities which is what watches are meant for in the first place. Expert and precise gem-setting ensures that your Rolex stays functioning in prime condition.

A Simple Yet Stunning Design

While many other brands constantly try to find ways to stay trendy and relevant, Rolex isn’t burdened by those needs because they found their iconic look and stay true to the aesthetic that got them to where they are now. Fans of the brand can find solace in the simplicity of each style while still providing an absolutely stunning appeal. The geniuses at Rolex know how to stick to their base simplicity while crafting distinct styles, with popular models such as:

  • Submariner
  • Oyster Perpetual
  • Datejust
  • Daytona
  • Yacht-Master
  • Air-King
  • Explorer
  • Sea-Dweller

Quality of the Highest Caliber

As you can imagine, Rolex watches are made of only the finest materials. In order to provide lasting pieces that keep their luster, the brand utilizes 904L stainless steel while the average watch uses a lesser 316L steel. This Rolex-special metal called Oystersteel provides top-notch durability even in harsh weather conditions. This includes true waterproof capability on top of impeccable strength.

Why Buy Rolex Watches From a Pawn Shop?

Can you get the same Rolex experience by buying a watch at a pawn shop in Westminster over your typical retail store? Absolutely! In fact, many Rolex collectors (and collectors of designer watches in general) go to pawn shops as their preferred choice for a number of reasons. Once you go into a pawn shop and see for yourself, you’ll never look at watch-buying the same ever again.

Prices That Can’t Be Beat

It goes without saying that prices at pawn shops are much lower than at branded retail stores since everything is secondhand. But does that mean the quality of the watch suffers because of it? Not exactly. Prestige brands like Rolex are built to last, and so that fresh-out-the-box magic carries on for many years after its production. By purchasing your Rolex at a pawn shop, you’re paying significantly less for something that looks and feels practically brand new. More than likely, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Rolex Model Pawnshop Price Retail Price
Oyster Perpetual Datejust $5,999 $13,999

Availability of Rare Pieces

When you go to a retail store, you’ll only find the latest models available. This is a problem for dedicated collectors and those who are looking for specific discontinued Rolex models. In this case, pawn shops are especially the better option because you never know what models will be turned in. Looking to get the classic Oyster Perpetual with a Coral Red watch face? That ship had just sailed, but pawn shops can be your ticket to finding one. When it comes to pawn shops, really anything is possible.

Finding the Best Pawn Shop Near You

Before you go walking into just any pawn shop, it pays to know that different locations garner varying results. There are a good handful of pawn shops out there that will try to get every dollar they can out of you for a completely one-sided exchange. By doing just a little bit of digging, you can discover more honest pawnbrokers who truly want to give you the best products and services so you can feel comfortable coming back for everything that you need. Qualities of a trustworthy, fair, and reliable pawn shop include:

  • Years of experience in the pawning industry
  • Participation in regulated pawn shop associations
  • An excellent reputation in the surrounding area
  • Willingness to negotiate prices
  • Friendly and respectable staff members

You can usually judge a pawn shop’s general atmosphere just by interacting with the staff on a base level. You can ask a few simple questions and use their attitude and responses as a way to see if you are comfortable doing business with them. This can even be done over the phone before coming to the store in person. Purchasing a designer watch is a big decision, so you have every right to make sure you’re dealing with the right people. If you live in Westminster, you can easily skip the searching process and head over to Westminster Pawn.

Westminster Pawn Is the Place to Be!

The kind pawnbrokers at Westminster Pawn gladly deal in Rolex watches so you can own a product of simple yet iconic luxury at a fair and low price. The staff is complete with experts in appraising watches to give you honest deals, and they’ll gladly do so with a smile! Keep an eye on the rotating stock so you can get the jump on quality Rolex watches as they show up. Call 714-893-0555 for any questions you may have.